[Lesbian] In His Shoes (2015)

In His Shoes (2015)
In His Shoes Episode 1 – Fantasy
There’s nothing remotely masculine about Leila Smith. With her slender-but-curvy figure and pretty face, she’s all woman – so it’s titillating to see her take the ‘man’s role.’ As Ana Rose stands shyly in her pretty pink dress, Leila grabs, gropes and fondles her, making her intentions very clear. Ana’s nipples are rock hard as horny Leila strokes and squeezes her, then pulls down her panties and spanks her pussy
In His Shoes Episode 2 – Platform
It’s thrilling to watch Suzie Carina when she’s being domineering – her haughty expression and powerful body-language is very arousing. Suzie is manhandling Spanish sweetie Jimena Lago voraciously, revelling in the opportunity to take the man’s role. She pulls up Jimena’s dress roughly, revealing her pretty panties, then strides around to take a good look at her from all angles. Kneeling to gaze up at Jimena,…
In His Shoes Episode 3 – Strapped
Ava Courcelles has never looked sexier than she does in her mannish jacket and lace bra, a bright purple strap-on cock jutting from her crotch. She pulls up Leila Smith’s cutaway dress to stroke her peachy bottom, contemplating the fun to be had fucking the pretty redhead with her new appendage. In His Shoes is all about girls taking on the man’s role, and Ava clearly relishes the game…
In His Shoes Episode 4 – Insolia
Sexy redhead Leila Smith is a lively girl, and her hook-up with Spanish sweetie Jimena Lago sees her work off all that pent-up sexual energy. Jimena is just chillin’ in bed when Leila slides a hand under the covers to feel her girlfriend’s crotch. She gets an immediate response as she pulls off Jimena’s panties, then throws back the bedcover to reveal that pretty pussy, the plump lips already spreading apart from…

Category: Lesbian, Oral, Anilingus, Cunilingus, Fingering, Kissing, Teens, Toys
Starring: Ana Rose, Leila Smith, Jimena Lago, Suzie Carina, Ava Courcelles
Language: English
Size: 1.19 GB
Length: 01:43:34
Format: avi
Video: 852×480


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