The Drifter – 1

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Release Year: 2008
Studio: Raging Stallion

In a small red brick flat in Germany, Phillip (Raging Stallion Exceptional Logan McCree) is swiftly packing for his trip to Vancouver to see his new beau (he mixed up the dates of his arrival). Making sure he has everything he stops to write a quick e-mail to the crush, hoping he has lots of condoms and lube. He grabs the last few items and is out the door and on a plane to Canada. Meanwhile, at the new boyfriend’s apartment, RJ Danvers is rushing swiftly to release his latest trick’s (Luke Hass) manmeat from his pants. RJ takes Luke’s thick manmeat in his mouth, deep-throating his engorged member. Luke then moves RJ to the bed and rims his shaggy buttocks before he pounds his eager cavity. Luke pounds away in many positions before RJ explodes all over his own hirsute stomach. Luke speedily stops unloading his gink juice on RJ before collapsing into a passionate kiss.
Logan, unaware of his boyfriend’s infidelities, arrives at RJ’s apartment with flowers in hand. Quickly he discovers the truth and he explodes in rage, hurling the flowers at the pair. An argument ensues and Logan flees the apartment, taking his camping gear. He walks the streets of Vancouver, his mind reeling with what has just took place. He’s now on his own in a foreign land. He wanders the street ’till he finds the wilderness and heads off on his own into the woods.
After a few days of being lost in the woods, with not much shelter from the rain, Logan occurs upon a lone cabin. Can he acquire shelter from the rain? Can he sleep there for the night? He knocks at the door and is greeted by straight loner Michael (Vinnie D’Angelo) wearing nothing but a towel. “Do you have a shed or something?” “No I don’t have a shed.” Vinnie, feeling sorry for the cold wet guy, invites him in. Vinnie offers him a warm shower. Logan receives his offer. Vinnie shortly after discovers Logan’s intricate tattoos when he accidentally opens the bathroom door. After the shower Logan is too tired to keep his eyes open and takes a spot on the floor.
The next day Vinnie, enjoying his new group, invites Logan to stay longer. They head off into the forest to chop some wood. Along the way they stumble on three gay campers getting frisky near the fire. As they watch, Vinnie explains that he allows them to use his property a few times a year. After watching for a bit they move on to their chores.
Back at the campsite… Scott Tanner deep kisses new hunky Raging Stallion Exclusive Manuel DeBoxer as Raging Stallion Extraordinary Damian Rios gives head to both of them. Manuel shortly after trades places and starts out trading off on his buddies’ cocks. As the campfire roars in the background, Damian can’t get at Manuel’s cute woolly bottom fast sufficient. He tongues Manuel’s cavity, then shares the tasty booty with Scott. Damian fucks his hollow with his tongue, while getting Scott’s python fine and wet with saliva. Damian and Scott take turns fuck the sexy stud. Then Scott bangs Damian’s tight booty. Damian gets pounded, then unleashes his large cumload into Manuel’s mouth. Scott then does the same while Manuel jerks his own dick to completion.
Chopping logs out in a clearing, Logan asks Vinnie about living in the woods and away from civilization. Swiftly their conversation turns to sex and Logan asks Vinnie about the last time he had sex. Vinnie goes into a full characterization of how he and a dude took a horny hottie back to her location for sex. As he continues, we fade into the erotic tryst with Vinnie, Dak Ramsey, and Brianna Beach. The dudes both take turns fuck her. Brianna goes down on Vinnie’s penis, Dak bends down to kiss her and inadvertently sucks Vinnie’s member. Vinnie explains it as not really being gay, as he sits there with a hard-on. Logan teases him while squirting water on him to cool him down. Vinnie chases Logan and tackles him tickling him into submission. Vinnie helps Logan up and they head back to the cabin.
Back at the cabin Logan nurses a sore shoulder that was injured in the roughhousing and Vinnie offers his services. The massage between the two men rapidly seems to turn into something more. Vinnie quickly finishes when he realizes that he is feeling more than expected.
At night there is a lot of pent up appetizing tension. Logan is sleeping on the floor beside the bed. After checking to see if Vinnie is asleep, Logan jerks his python and fingers his hollow till his weight explodes all over his hand. He then licks off the cum and goes to sleep in the darkened room filled w/ moonlight. Vinnie smiles then falls back to sleep.
With the sun shining through the cabin window, Vinnie wakes up with hard morning wood. He sneaks out of bed and steps over Logan before heading out to the forest to beat off. Vinnie strokes his hard python among the cute towering trees. He jerks his penis in his PJs and work boots ’till he pumps out the white sap. He heads back to the house and inadvertently wakes Logan. Vinnie asks Logan if he craves to head to the river for the day.
After frolicking in the water, they head to the bank of the river in their soaked underwear. They shuck their wet underwear and sunbathe “Free Body Culture” classification, the German back-to-nature movement. Vinnie presently finds out that Logan is gay and hides his displayed genitals by turning on to his stomach. Logan describes his first sensual experience in a German sex club.
Walking through a dark hallway being groped by anonymous hands, Logan makes his way to a sex room. In the center of the room is a sling with two men having sex. Raging Stallion Exceptional Bo Matthews lies in a sling being rimmed by newcomer Scott Alexander. Scott tongues Bo’s hollow deeply as a mohawked Logan looks on with heated lust. Scott goes on to eat Bo’s ass as Bo cries with pleasure. Scott then gets up and gives Bo his huge Black member. Bo sucks it wildly, choking on it. Logan moves over for a greater look as Scott moves into fucking position. Scott shoves his long, extreme dick into Bo’s begging hole. Scott pounds his hollow then turns him over doggy classification, ’till he pulls out and cums all over Bo’s anal. He leaves Bo there for the next man. Logan then steps up and feeds Bo his butterball, uncut, tattooed dick and Bo sucks it with vigor. Logan bends Bo over a set of aged tires and bangs his waiting asshole. Logan proves to be a natural power top as he pounds Bo ’till he explodes. Logan pulls out and erupts on Bo’s cum stained skin.
The story of Logan’s rousing escapade has Vinnie worked up. He can’t accept off his towel because of his raging hard-on. Logan jokes with him… maybe you’re not 100% straight, which Vinnie reacts to in anger and storms off to the car. On the ride back both men are silent. Returning home, Logan heads out for a walk on his own. Vinnie is frustrated and confused.
Hours later when Logan returns to the cabin, Vinnie is in Logan’s bed. Is this the invitation he’s been waiting for? Logan undresses and gets in beside Vinnie, who is filled with anticipation. Logan makes the first move and reaches over for Vinnie’s manmeat. Vinnie expels a sigh of relief as Logan goes down on his dick. The pair lasts as they entwine their bodies into sucking and deep kissing. They start out sensually fuck and it’s as if their bodies were molded for each another. Logan takes Vinnie’s thick penis up his asshole as he bawls with delight. Their intensity and passion builds until they cum in ecstasy and collapse on top of each another. Covers are pulled over their bodies as they drift off to a peaceful post-sex sleep.
The Drifter featured Raging Stallion Exceptional Logan McCree and Vinnie D’Angelo, Introducing Raging Stallion Extraordinary Manuel DeBoxer. Featured Exclusives RJ Danvers, Damian Rios, Luke Hass, and Bo Matthews. Also featuring Scott Tanner, and Scott Alexander.
Directed by Tony Dimarco and Ben Leon, Executive Producer Chris Ward, Music JD Slater and Six Organs of Admittance, Written by Logan McCree, Cinematography Ben Leon and Tony Dimarco, Photography Kent Taylor and Geof Teague, Graphic Art and Design P Cooper

Format: avi
Duration: 1:20:56
Video: 720×480, DivX 5, 1803kbps
Audio: 218kbps

DOWNLOAD from FILESMONSTER: gay full length films The Drifter 1 DOWNLOAD from FILESMONSTER: gay full length films The Drifter 1
DOWNLOAD from FILESMONSTER: gay full length films The Drifter 1 DOWNLOAD from FILESMONSTER: gay full length films The Drifter 1

DOWNLOAD from FILESMONSTER: gay full length films The Drifter 1
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DOWNLOAD from FILESMONSTER: gay full length films The Drifter 1

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