J×J Joshikousei Juuka Keikaku – Visual Novels

Release Year: 2015

Release Date: 2015/03/27
Genre: BDSM, Mind Break, Baubles, Massive tits, Ass, Oral job, Titsjob, Union sex, Harem
Censorship: Present
Platform: PC / Windows
Publication Type: Original (licensed)
License: Freeware
Language games: Japanese
System requirements (minimum): OS: Windows Vista / 7/8 / 8.1, CPU: 1GHz, RAM: 512MB, 1280 * 720, HDD: 1.72 GB DirectX: 9.0

Description: Tokyo metropolitan area somewhere Mammoth college. After medical examination of all college, three gals has been called for re-examination. So she who was told that there is an abnormality in the brain is to masturbate and for inspection.

File size: 1.7 GB

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